We stand Behind our Work

At Atlanta Animal Attic we guarantee both our work and our products. We want you to be happy with our wildlife removal services. We been around since 2007 because we consistently deliver quality work. Our guarantee is that we will always make any error right. Our standard repair warranty against new animal into your house through our repairs is 1 year. That said, most of our repairs will last for the life of your home against new critter entry. We also provide full written work order estimates before beginning any work. Call us at 470-480-5040 for more details about our guarantee.

When you are looking for a company to deal with an animal infestation, you want a competitive price and quick, efficient service, and that is exactly what we offer. Our responsive animal removal experts are highly trained and attend training seminars and courses to keep their skills up to date, and are equipped with the latest modern equipment designed to deal with pest animals as efficiently as possible. We can deal with all areas of wild animal problems whether it is in a large commercial property or in any type of house or apartment, and we look to have someone to your property within 24 hours of your call. One area where we specialize is in removing bat colonies that have found their way into an attic or into an outbuilding, and this is something that we can do quickly and without fuss. Bat exclusion is only one part of the service, as even having a bat colony for a short amount of time can see quite a bit of guano left inside the area where they have been present. Our technicians can ensure the attic is fully cleaned and disinfected so that the spores and bacteria present in the droppings are safely dealt with and pose no risk to you and your family.