An Overview on Mice Feces

The feces of the mice can be used as an indication of an active mice infestation. They will have an average length of 4.5mm. Their feces will be dark and has a granular shape. People who lack the experience can easily mistook their feces to the excrement of the rat and cockroaches. Realizing that you have a mouse in your house can be an upsetting situation. By paying attention to the signs that they leave behind such as their droppings, you will be able to identify their presence and avoid the damages that they may cause.

How Does Atlanta Mouse Feces Look Like?
The mouse feces will have an appearance like the rice grain but with dark color. It comes with a pointed edge and their color can vary from dark gray to dark brown. The color will depend upon the diet of the mouse that is dwelling in your property. It can also be an indication of the freshness of the droppings. The fresh feces will be dark and will gradually appear brown as the week passes by. It will then transform into a gray color over time. Upon turning gray, the dropping will easily crumble upon direct contact with the feces. Fresh droppings will be malleable and soft.

Mice can excrete at least 50 fresh droppings each day. The size and the number of the droppings that you will discover can help you determine the seriousness of the situation and the pest that you need to face. The mice tend to drop feces as they move and while they are hunting for food. The latrines can be found close to their nesting ground but will not poop in their nest since mice love to keep their home free from poop.

Where to Find Georgia Mouse Feces
The feces of the mice will usually be concentrated close to the breeding or the nesting ground of the pesky critter. Nonetheless, they can also be discovered in various spaces of our house. The feces can also be present in the damaged areas of our house such as our insulation. You may also find them in the kitchen drawers, cabinet, cardboards, etc.

Getting Rid of the Atlanta Mouse Feces
Once you properly identified the droppings of the rodent, it is now time to remove them from your house. Droppings will not just make your house smelly and unsightly, but they can also present health risks. If possible, encourage the circulation of fresh air by opening the windows for at least 30 minutes. Wear a mask that comes with filter and disposable gloves. You may use a disinfectant spray, or you can concoct your own disinfectant by mixing water with bleach. Place their waste inside the trash bags before placing it in your trashcan.

By following the methods above when cleaning, you will be able to completely clean the fecal matters left by the mice in your house. For the tough stains, consider repainting or replacing the contaminated part. You should also make it a habit to keep your property less attractive to mice by clearing the possible food sources.

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