Reasons Why Raccoons Are Probably Smarter than You

Homeowners will often look at the raccoon as a mischievous and nuisance creature. The damages that they will cause once they enter your house can be terrible. Nonetheless, experts have discovered how smart this creature really is. Their capacity to evolve and adapt to the living condition in the city as well as their capacity to manipulate the locking mechanism of your chicken coop are some of the evidences of their intelligence.

Why the Georgia Raccoons Are Intelligent Creature
Due to the intelligence of the raccoon, they have been the favorite test subject during the early part of the 20th century. However, since they are smart enough to break out of their cage, lab experts become contented with the use of lab rats. Here are some things that make them intelligent.

According to the IQ result of the Atlanta raccoon, the IQ level of the raccoon is higher than our house cat and it is only slightly lower than the monkeys. Remember that the IQ level of the monkey is only subpar to the great ape and human. This means that the level of intelligence of the raccoon may not be that low as we’d like to believe.

Their Capacity to Learn
According to the results of various studies conducted in Canada, the raccoon tends to use the situation to improve their intelligence. In the said study, they introduced different trashcan with various types of lid. This is intended to deter the scavenging habit of the raccoons. However, as the round progress, the raccoons were able to work their way through the content of the garbage. They were able to understand the framework of the contraption and open the garbage bin. This only shows that capacity of this wild creature to learn.

They Are Favorite Test Subject
As we mentioned above, the Atlanta raccoons were once a favored test subjects in the lab due to their intelligence. Unfortunately, their intelligence and their persistence are beyond the required level in the lab. It is not uncommon for them to outsmart the techs and escape their cage and will often hide in the obscure areas of the lab that will hamper the progress of the study. They will also be defensive when they feel threatened.

Ability to Survive
The raccoons can survive in different climates, terrains, and condition if there is an adequate supply of food and water. They can be found in Asia, North America, and Europe. They are known for their ability to keep their self secured when they are threatened and for resourcefulness when there is a scarcity in food. Their intelligence is not something that you will find in the creatures in the wild which makes them special compared to other urban mammals.

While you may find it surprising that the raccoons are intelligent creatures, it will also help you understand why they are so skillful in retrieving the content of your garbage and why they can easily raid your chicken coop.

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