What to Do with the Rodent Nest in Your Attic

With the amazing adaptability skill of the rodent, they can survive in the urban and the rural area. Most homeowners will not treat them as friends due to the destruction that they can bring. Once they realize that our attic is too comfortable for them, they will decide to build their nest and stay there for good. The rats can live in almost all type of situation. When establishing their habitat, it will not be impossible to find evidence of their nest, burrows, and rat hole.

Things You Should Do with Atlanta Rodent Nest
Usually if you have a hole in your attic, then the culprit will possibly be a Norway rat. You will often see their nest close to the foundation of your house. It is also possible for them to have multiple nest in your house. In order to deal with the nest of the rodent, there are certain things that you must do.

Proper Identification
Some rodents will build the nest above ground such as the roof rat. They are the most common type of rodent that you will encounter in your attic. Since they will need a water supply, you will find their nest close to the water source. The nest can be composed of various materials that will keep them warm such as insulation materials, papers, fabrics, etc.

Cleaning the Georgia Rodent Nest
If the nest does not have babies, then you may proceed with the cleaning procedure. Remember that the nest of the rodent may contain parasites and pathogens. You should be careful in cleaning them. Wear mask and gloves when cleaning. Start by opening the window for the fresh air to circulate. Spray a disinfectant directly on the nest and leave it for about 5 minutes. Never sweep the nesting materials since this can disperse the bacterial and fungal spores in the air. Pick up the nest manually and place it inside the garbage bag.

What if There are Babies?
In case there are babies, there are rodents that will abandon their babies if there are signs of predator activity. Other rodents will relocate their babies if you disturb their nest. If you lack the experience in dealing with them, you need to allow the professional to handle this situation. If the rodent is included in the protected list, you are not allowed to disturb the nest. You will have to wait a few weeks until the babies can survive on their own. If you cannot wait, the professional will carry permit and licenses that will enable them to get rid of them lawfully.

Rodent infestation is a serious situation. They can carry diseases and can cause damages. One reason why they are invading your Atlanta property is because of the shelter. By making our place less desirable for them, they will choose to build their nest elsewhere. You should try to seal all the possible entry holes in your attic. You may also need to visit your attic regularly since they do not like the signs of human presence.

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